Worcester Model Railroaders

 Worcester Model Railroaders’ Overview

The Worcester Model Railroaders’ layout, started in September 2017 and home to the Worcester Central Lines, is a 30’X50’ HO, Digitrax DCC controlled depiction of railroad activity in Central New England in the late 70s and early 80s. The Worcester Central motive power generally match that era but we also run modern equipment during operating sessions. All track work is complete and work has started on scenery. All turnouts are Peco, track is Atlas code 100 on the mainline and Atlas code 83 on the sidings. All mainline turnouts are driven by Tortoise switch machines controlled from panels or throttles. Turnouts in sidings are hand thrown or by Tortoise machines in areas that cannot be easily reached. From an operations viewpoint, the track diagram will allow you to follow along. We currently operate 10 trains during a session which generally runs 2-3 hours. Thru trains originate and finish in the staging yards while locals originate in either the large, WCL classification yard or the small yards in the industrial areas. Trains leaving the eastbound side of the WCL yard travel to the Providence Branch, the CSX yard or into the Providence waterfront area. Trains leaving from the westbound side travel to the Norwich and Pawtucket branches and the Norwich staging yard. There are two, 5 turn helixes on the layout. The west helix moves trains up and down to the Mass Central and the New England Central exchange tracks and to a large papermill complex. The east helix moves trains up and down to an 8 track staging yard under the CSX yard in the east peninsula and to the Providence waterfront area. The head of our operations committee is Jay Pease, a 30 year engineer with the Providence and Worcester Railroad (now the Genesee and Wyoming), bringing a significant amount of authenticity to our operation sessions. Operations are dispatcher controlled using switch lists. Radios are used for communication with the dispatcher. Our main objective during a session is to complete the session according to the switch lists within the 2-3 hour time frame. But above all, our objective is to have fun. We hope you will join one of our operating sessions during Mill City 2020.

 Host  Name City State ZIP code Time From Hotel Miles From Hotel Max # of Guest Operator Positions Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
Worcester Model Railroaders Webster MA 01570 49 min 48 mi 10 A. 1-4 L. 1-4

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