The SJR&P is an Fn3 narrow gauge railway with over 4700 ft. of track, over 200 pieces of rolling stock, and more than 40 locomotives powered by Digital Command Control.  The SJR&P is a railroad in the garden rather than an outdoor model of a railroad.  As such there are few structures and the garden and railroad are built to harmonize with each other. The highlights of the SJR&P are its bridges, rock gardens and lily ponds.  Unlike an indoor layout where the scenery must be created, the bridges, tunnels and grades of the SJR&P are functional as they were required in order to mold the railroad into the hillsides.  The railroad serves an area rich in coal, oil and hardwoods.  Trains move the raw materials to the standard gauge interchange and supplies to the various towns and industries served by the railroad.

Layout at a Glance:
Name: SJRP Railway
Scale: Fn3 (1:20.3 3ft narrow gauge)
Size: 200 ft x 180 ft, with over 19 scale miles of track
Prototype: American 3 ft narrow gauge
Local: rugged hills of the North East
Era: 1940-1960s
Style: linear with 5 main destinations yards, 10 branch lines, 70 industries/switching locations
Mainline run: 4 scale miles (1100 ft)
mum degree of curve: 43° (2 Meters)
Minimum Turnout: #6 for mainlines #4 for yards/Industries
Maximum Grade: 2.5% mainline, 4% branch
Elevation Change: 450 scale ft (22 feet)
Roadbed: gravel roadbed
Track: 110 lb rail (code 332 stainless steel)
Scenery: garden setting
Backdrop: natural sky
Control: DCC/Digital plus by Lenz

City State ZIP code Time From Hotel Miles From Hotel Saturday Afternoon Monday morning
Chelmsford MA 01824 10 min 4.4 mi. J. 1-4 X. 11-2


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