Al Pomeroy's
Rio Grande Southern of
New Hampshire

 Rio Grande Southern of New Hampshire.Overview

The Rio Grande Southern of New Hampshire is an Fn3 fine scale layout roughly following the prototype from Ridgeway to Rico Colorado. It is operated strictly with battery powered steam locomotives using Airwire and Phoenix sound.

Operations are done using Ship it! Software for car distribution. The railroad starts in my basement at Ridgeway, with a branch to Telluride, and exits the house thru a crawl space, emerging in the backyard. The backyard portion of the layout continues upgrade over prototype trestles 44a, 45a. 45b will be hopefully installed this year. After meandering around Ophir and Trout Lake, the railroad again ducks back indoors to lizard head and Rico yard. Indoor scenery is about 80% complete. Wyes are used at each end of the railroad to turn locomotives.

 Host  Name City State ZIP code Time From Hotel Miles From Hotel Max # of Guest Operator Positions Sunday Morning
Al Pomeroy Winchester  NH 03470 1 hr. 20 mn 63 mi. 4 R.9-12

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