Operator’s Mentoring Program

New this year is our Operator’s Mentoring Program. Operations, while a lot of fun, can be a mystery to those just getting into it. This program is designed for people who desire some hands-on training, an opportunity for newbies or someone who wants to tweak their skill level.

There are three elements to our program
1) Clinics designed to explain various operations schemes
2) Operations at the hotel layouts where you can obtain one-on-one training
3) One-on-one training at a variety of op sessions throughout the weekend

When participating in a “One on One” session you will be paired with an experienced operator, who will help you learn and increase your skills, while enjoying both the social and fun aspect of operations.

Sessions that are participating in the Operator’s Mentoring Program are shaded in the schedule with a light grey.

We only have a limited number of mentoring slots available at op session layouts. So, if you want a mentoring slot, please indicate that you want to be part of the Operator’s Mentoring Program when you register.  

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