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Chesapeake System

Chesapeake System Overview

The Chesapeake System is a merger of three systems, the Chesapeake and Lake Erie, the Cumberland Western, and the Chesapeake and Hudson. The Chesapeake and Lake Erie extends from Chesapeake Bay to Chicago. The Cumberland Western connects with the C&LE at Elkton WV, and operates west to Kansas City and St. Louis. The Chesapeake and Hudson extends to northward to New England by way of Mechanicville, NY. There are standard, narrow gauge, and dual gauge branches in the West Virginia mountains. There are over 1000 feet of mainline, two major yards, several minor yards, and off scene three fiddle yards. The railroads service tidewater to Midwest cities moving raw materials, coal, oil, lumber and industrial goods. There is a locomotive roster of 200 diesels and 50 steam locomotives plus, a freight car supply of over 1000 cars, both classic steam to diesel transition and modern types. We run separate classic and modern operating sessions.

Layout at a Glance
Name: Chesapeake System
Scale: HO
Size: 30 ft x 90 ft. with over 5000 ft of track
Prototype: Mid Atlantic to Midwest
Era: steam to diesel transition and modern operating sessions
Mainline run: 600 FT
Minimum Curve: 36” main line, 24” branch line
Minimum Turnout: hand laid #6 main line and branches. #5 and #6 yards
Maximum grade: 2.5% mainline 3% branch line
Elevation Change: 24” main line. 40” including hidden fiddle yard
Track: Visible track, hand laid code 100 and 83. Nonvisible commercial
Scenery: plaster and foam
Backdrop: painted wallboard and Masonite
Control: DCC by NCE

 Host  Name City State ZIP code Time From Hotel Miles From Hotel Max # of Guest Operator Positions Saturday Morning
North Shore Club Wakefield MA  01880 35 min. 31 mi. 12 G. 9-12

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