Bay State
Model Railroad Museum

 Bay State Model Railroad Museum Overview

The BAY STATE MODEL RAILROAD MUSEUM maintains its HO scale layout at 760 South St. in Roslindale, (a Boston neighborhood), Massachusetts. The railroad employs a unique “pan American” theme, as it moves from an Appalachian setting, through Rocky Mountain and mid-west scenery, final reaching distinctive California rural and urban locations. Motive power is late steam along with first and second generation diesels. Eastern industries include, a steel mill and coal mining, livestock and Ag business predominate in the mid U.S, with forest products, produce, wine and general merchandise highlight the west.

Layout at a Glance:
NAME: Bay State Model Railroad Museum
SIZE: Approximately 300 sq ft
PROTOTYPE: freelance
LOCAL: Appalachia-American West-California
ERA: Late steam to 1st and 2nd generation diesel transition.
STYLE: linear with walk-around throttles. Two main yards, one passenger terminal, one intermediate yard, three staging yards, switching at steel mill, coal breaker, grain processor, forest products mill, produce customer and terminal yard. Double and single track main.
MINIMUM RADIUS: 36 inch; mostly 48 inch
ROADBED: ballast on homosote
TRACK: hand laid code 83 and code 70
SCENERY: hard shell and plaster cloth with forest and arid vegetation
BACKDROP: painted sky on walls
CONTROL: DCC-North Coast

 Host  Name City State ZIP code Time From Hotel Miles From Hotel Max # of Guest Operator Positions Sunday Afternoon
Bay State Model Railroad Museum  Roslindale MA 02131 49 min. 39 mi. 6 V. 1-4

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