James Van Bokkelen's
B&M Eastern Route

 B&M Eastern Route Overview

I model the railroad I grew up with, riding commuter trains to Boston, watching the local freight switch industries in my hometown and
getting cab rides, (two authorized). Half the layout is very urban, the other rural with a country town. Like the prototype, my Eastern Route lacks steep grades. Freight traffic is mostly terminating and originating. Prototype track arrangements at West Lynn and Newburyport let locals work around a busy passenger schedule. Motive power, passenger and freight equipment follow B&M prototype. Signals were a big part of my cab rides, so I'd always wanted them, but ultimately they were needed to help visiting operators.

Layout at a Glance
Name: Boston & Maine Eastern Route
Scale: HO standard gauge
Size: 15 x 39 with about 500 feet of track.
Prototype: B&M commuter district main line & industries
Locale: Eastern Massachusetts
Era: 1950 - 1965 depending on vehicles & equipment
Style: Oval w/1 double-ended staging yard, 1 classification
yard, 25 industries. Main is mostly double track, running
tracks & yards for simultaneous switching and passenger ops.
Mainline run: 110 feet
Minimum radius: 36" main line, 30" branch, 15" industrial
Minimum turnout: #6
Maximum grade: 0.8%
Elevation change: 50 scale feet
Roadbed: Homasote, pine lattice, a little cork (hidden)
Track: Handlaid Code 83, 70, 55, 76 turnouts in service
Signals: Searchlight per B&M prototype, occupancy & turnout
detection, lineside logic using relays & diode/resistor logic.
Scenery: 25% finished with backdrop, 75% has landforms.
Structures: About 65, 14 scratcbuilt
Backdrop: Painted hardboard and thin plywood.
Control: MRC DCC with wireless, WiFi/smartphone throttles OK

 Host  Name City State ZIP code Time From Hotel Miles From Hotel Max # of Guest Operator Positions Sunday Afternoon Monday Afternoon
James Van Bokkelen South Hampton NH 03827 46 min 40 mi. 8 W. 1-4 Y. 1-4

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