Rand Hoven
Albany & Susquehanna RR

The Albany & Susquehanna

The railroad is an N scale railroad depicting rolling stock and operations of the Delaware and Hudson RR in upstate New York during the 1970s through the 1990s. The railroad is double deck without a helix. The grade between the two decks is double tracked and represents 3 major grades on the main line; Belden Hill, Richmondville Hill and Mt Ararat. Using the grade multiple times the railroad has 14 scale miles of main line track.
The railroad is dispatched using CTC with minimal train detection so operators will need to report their progress. Track side speed signaling is used to control movement of trains. The signals are designed for maximum visibility for the operators.
An operating session can include up to 22 mainline trains and 3 local trains. Most trains interchange freight cars in either Oneonta or Binghamton yards. Car forwarding is done at the yards by drawing cards from a deck and forwarding cars by type as instructed. This means there is no need to read the reporting marks on the cars. It also means that cars are never in the wrong place and trains are reasonably well blocked.

Layout at a Glance:
Name: Albany & Susquehanna RR
Scale: N
Size: 15 ft x 30 ft double deck
Prototype: Delaware & Hudson RR
Local: Upstate NY
Era: 1970-1990
Minimum Radius: 18”
Maximum Grade: 2%
Scenery: About half scenicked

 Host  Name City State ZIP code Time From Hotel Miles From Hotel Max # of Guest Operator Positions Sunday Afternoon
Rand Hoven Tewksbury MA 01876 14 min 12 mi 9 U. 1-4

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